Get Gritty: Happy Horsewoman Boot Camp

Learn three simple techniques proven effective by positive psychology that will improve your happiness!

You have a lot on your plate. You juggle a career, taking care of a household, and the biggest job of all, motherhood. It is no surprise that horses take a back burner. And even when you do get the chance to ride, it never seems to go as you hoped.

You used to canter across fields without fear. You used to confidently enter the show pen, you were the competitor to beat. You used to hop on your horse bareback and just ride around the pasture.

There is a part of you that wonders where that wild cowgirl went. Wonders if you will ever be able to ride like that, feel that confident in the saddle again. You miss HER.

I understand how you feel-because I feel that way too! Stressed and overwhelmed from trying to balance a full-time job, kids, a farm, and my horse dreams. And honestly, feeling pretty negative and unhappy because while on the outside it looked like I had it all-a good job, a great husband, and two wonderful boys-a part of me felt empty. Empty because my connection with my horse, my riding, was missing.

In this three day boot camp, I will teach you the three key steps that I took to clarify my values and life priorities, uncover my signature strengths, and realign my horsemanship goals. Because you do not need to feel this way anymore-you too can reclaim your joy and be a happy horsewoman!

Your Instructor

Siobhan "Chevy" Allen
Siobhan "Chevy" Allen

Hi, I'm Chevy. As a lifelong horsewoman (and also Hereford cow/calf producer, farm wife, and Mama to two little cowboys) I understand that being a horsewoman isn't just a hobby. It is a lifestyle! I enjoy helping horsewomen apply positive psychology techniques to enjoy their horsemanship journey and achieve their dreams.

I understand the unique struggles that horsewomen face because I face them too! I have felt afraid in the saddle. I have felt nervous and anxious. I have experienced what it feels like to not be confident. After my first son was born, I was terrified in the saddle. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make myself relax. It wasn't that I didn't have horse knowledge or horsemanship skills-before my kids were born I trained wild mustangs for Mustang Makeovers! It wasn't that my horses were unbroke or naughty-they were quiet, gentle ranch horses. The problem was all in my own head. And it was so frustrating! I wanted to be able to lope across a field to gather our cattle. I wanted to be able to relax and ride down the trail with my husband. I wanted to be able to show my horses again.

That is what led me to study mental toughness and positive psychology. Because I love horses, and imagining a life where I didn't ride was not an option! So I began my own journey to rebuild my self-confidence, to overcome the negative self-talk and doubts. And I learned that by mastering simple mental skills I could again ride without fear. I could again ride into a show pen feeling focused instead of nervous.

Along the way I discovered that horses and life are the same. By focusing on what I needed to do to feel more positive in the saddle, I also started to feel more positive with my life in general. It is a cycle-if our life is in balance, if we as a person are more positive, then our horsemanship will improve too.

Along my journey to confidence, I discovered that I wasn't alone. That other cowgirls like me faced the same challenges and lack of confidence-whether it was due to injury, having a family, or being out of the saddle for awhile. And just knowing that I wasn't alone was so healing for me, and I knew that helping others regain their confidence was part of my purpose along my own horsemanship journey. So I studied Life Coaching, and became certified as a Confidence Coach and Master Coach through the Transformation Academy, so that I could improve my coaching skills and make the road to confidence smoother for you than it was for me, struggling by myself.

That is why I created this course-to share with you the process that helped me change from scared to ride, to able to lope across the pasture on a loose rein. These are the same steps that I took, the same skills that I learned, all proven effective by the science of positive psychology, and put together in an easy to follow, step-by-step process to empower you to be more confident as taught in my coaching certification courses. Because if I can overcome these struggles to be more positive in my life, find the fun along my horsemanship journey, and be a confident cowgirl again, so can you! Because horses are more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle. And to succeed and be happier along this bumpy ride, we need to get gritty.


Class Curriculum

  Day 1: Discover Your Signature Strengths
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  Day 2: Clarify Your Core Values
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